About Us

Where Hard Work Pays Off

Here at Big Easy Solution Team, or BEST for short, we think hard work should be rewarded. We’re not looking to promote team members based on seniority. To succeed here at BEST, you have to be a person of integrity who is looking to level up their career based on their own merit and work ethic. 

Our clients look to work with the best which is why a major component of our company focuses on leadership training and development so that those who want to manage here or in their future careers can parlay those skills to the next roles they take on. It’s designed to teach individuals all the fundamentals of running a business from the ground up so that they can take ownership of their careers at Big Easy Solution Team. By teaching every member of the team direct sales, marketing, leadership, and team-building skills, they get to take charge of their own careers, all while working with major corporations.

Why Clients Love Us

It’s very simple, we provide increased results with integrity.

In today’s world, getting results is key. It’s hard to determine which companies can make that happen and also do it with integrity, no shortcuts. Clients rely on our team because we have a proven track record and we also have a simple and reliable way of doing things. We combine technology and doing things the old-fashioned way to deliver optimal results time and time again. 



This is our main focus in everything we do. We do it the right way or we don’t do it at all. 


Having our clients’ and our community’s trust is paramount. If a product doesn’t pass the “Grandma Code”, meaning we wouldn’t sell or market the product/service to our own grandmas, we won’t take on the contract to sell it period.


We all have goals, dreams, and aspirations. We take a vested interest in Team BEST making theirs happen. Everyone works together so that we all can reach what each person defines as success. If we don’t win as a team, it’s not worth doing at all.


Iron sharpens iron. Every person that works at BEST has something to contribute. When you open the table to everyone to provide input and give them the opportunity to help others, everyone benefits. 

Our Process

Entry Level

Every team member that we bring on to work at Big Easy Solution Team starts at the Entry Level position to learn how we do things and develop any skills needed to consistently deliver results for each of our clients. 

After demonstrating that they can provide consistency in both work and leadership, they get the opportunity to promote themselves to training and developing others. 

Team Lead

Teach. Train. Develop. Every team member that decides to take on the Team Lead role is given the opportunity to train others. They become the senior members to others as they learn to lead and manage a team together. As a person proves they can lead a team that is successful in sales and career development, they are given the opportunity to learn business operations.

Jr. Manager

A person that proves, with integrity and work ethic, that they can lead a successful team will be given the opportunity to manage the firm as a whole. They get trained on working with client contracts directly, making day-to-day business operation decisions, and forecasting what will help the business growth overall. Once someone has the experience to run our team, they are provided the opportunity to run their own contracts.

Market Manager

After learning the ins and outs of running an established firm, team members at this level will be given access to managing their own contracts. 

This person will be able to choose their own location to run point on managing a contract and their team. All benefits that BEST is offered by clients will be provided directly to each team member that earns this position. 

Meet The Team

His Ethos

“My company exists to provide life-changing opportunities to individuals all while helping our clients increase their product and brand awareness, with integrity, through direct sales and marketing.”

Steve, C.E.O. at
Big Easy Solution Team

Steve is a native of Fairfax, VA and as someone who grew up in the Washington, D.C. area, he’s definitely a Washington sports fan. No worries, he’s an avid Saints fan too. (#WhoDatNation)

His fondest memory is getting appointed to the Naval Academy to play basketball. Steve translates his passion for sports and honor of playing for the Naval Academy, and his Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Mary Washington to how he runs his company day-to-day.

“We pride ourselves on being a ‘People helping People’ business so definitely helping others reach their goals and the heights they didn’t think possible is what gets me most excited every day.”


His Ethos

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”
— Henry Ford

Clayton, Recruiter at
Big Easy Solution Team

Meet Clayton soon!